Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My First Posting

Well I don't really know where to start or when either for that matter. I have been looking at other people's blogs for quite some time and tried one of my own before but lost interest in it quite quickly because it make me stay on this computer even longer and away from my love of stitching. The reason this is called Tapestry of Dreams is because when I first started stitching some 8 or 9 years ago I used to buy my stash from my favorite store in Rhode Island which was called Tapestry of Dreams and I missed that shop for a really long time after it closed down so this really is a tribute to them.

Unfortunately I didn't even take photos of my early stitching which I gave away as presents. I actually started stitching because I wanted to give my sister a really special birthday present for a really special birthday and I decided to stitch a Just Nan sampler for my 2nd project. Nobody had told me that I shouldn't be stitching on Linen so I just did - albeit it was 28count and nobody told me that I was being overambitous so I just stitched it and so my love with stitching began. I really loved Just Nan's Samplers and for a while that was all I stitched. The first one was Dream Garden for my sister Jill, then I stitched With My Needle for my brother Brian and sister-in-law Sue who live in California, then Parlour Ribbons for me (YAY!! I kept one), then Cynthia's Sampler for my daughter Sara and Son-in-law Andrew, then True Friends for my friend Geraldine, Birthday Roses for my friend Marilyn and I think that was the last one I stitched although I do have another Cynthia's Sampler half done and one that was a limited edition and cost a fortune but I can't remember the name of - I'll look later and I think I am going to either get going on Cynthia's Sampler or the one I can't remember the name of. I have decided to try and finish some of my UFOs and if somebody would please tell me how to put photos on here I will gladly do so of the ones that I have and the ones I have recently taken photos of. I have been working on Indigo Rose's Catherine Agnes and I have enjoyed every single stitch I have put into this. But, for the meantime I am going to put in here a copy of my first Just Nan which was Dream Garden and I still love - this is not mine but Nan's one - mine is hanging in my sister's bedroom and until I can get a photo of it this one will just have to do. So.... Until next time.