Monday, November 27, 2006

I kept on trying ...

but it just wouldn't let me leave this comment after all your lovely comments so I decided to give up and post it here.

Oh gosh I'm really blushing now. Thank you all so much for all your compliments on my stitching. Besides my grandchildren and children and DH it is my most favorite thing in the whole world.

I'm really glad that there are more than 2 of us reading my blog but after thinking about it, it's just a nice thing to do and besides with my Wish List it means that I don't have to keep loads and loads of pictures on my computer anymore, I can keep them there and remember what it is that I really want.

Melissa I hope your sister is OK with her MS she can write to me any time she wants - she won't get any sympathy from me but just understanding. And if you look at my S words you will see that 'See' is there already

Well that's is from me for today. I am clearing up my lounge which looks like a stash shop so that I can get my 25 to do's now.

Lots of love until next time

Patti x

Friday, November 24, 2006

I used to not be able to make up my mind ...

but now I just procrastinate! I'm really terrible at making up my mind so don't give me a choice and I'll be fine.

I am not well :-( I had a sore throat yesterday and it was a stinker and today it has sunk right down into my chest so I'm speaking like Bonnie Tyler (according to my elder daughter) and my chest is sore. Heck I gave up cigarettes over 15 years ago you'd think I'd just get a head cold once in a while wouldn't you?!? Not me! Oh no!!

You all know (well the 2 of us that are reading this that is - that's me and Angela) that I belong to The Sampler Guild and we have a Ornament Exchange every year. Well this year my partner, Lin gave us partners instead of stitching for one person and another person (totally different) stitched for you. My partner, who shall remain nameless sent my part of the exchange this morning, just make sure that you click on the photos above as that will make them bigger so that you can really see them, and then you can make up your own minds as to what you think. I've made my mind up, but do let me know what you think.

Ok I've used my new camera to retake these photos and hope they are, ok they are, better than from my previous camera.

Well I did say i was going to whinge on here and now you have had it ... I whinged. I went to Red's (see later on) website today and she is doing this Alphabet thing where she gives you a letter and you have to come up with 10 words starting with that letter. Well she gave me ....

The Letter S

Sampler Guild – I was so glad I got the letter S so that I could talk about my most favorite thing The Sampler Guild – link to the right of this. It was started by Linda Hadden (aka Lin) and is honestly the best £20.00 I spend all year. I have belonged to it for over 2 years now, in fact must be coming up to 3 and I just love it and would encourage everyone to join.

Stitching – this has to be one of the first of my ‘S’ words. I am a totally addicted stitcher and love having a piece of linen in my hand to stitch on. I also use a frame sometimes and stitch two handed that way. But when in hand I …

Sew – I sew stitch. I hold the fabric in my left hand and just sew each stitch as a whole and always go from right to left rather than …

Stab – stitch! I only stab stitch when I am stitching two handed. I am right handed so my right hand goes underneath and my left hand on top so I can …

See – what I’m stitching. I have M.S. and when I first got it I lost 75% of the eyesight in my left eye and 25% in my right eye so if I had been stitching then I couldn’t have but luckily enough for me I hadn’t started on this so called hobby of mine yet.

Stash – well what kind of stitcher would I be without that in here. My stash just is and still I buy more. I think I love this almost as much as stitching and if I’m not stitching then I’m looking for more.

Silk – I had to every DMC thread and some two and three times over but I just love stitching in Silks. My favorites are Gloriana, Thread Gatherer, Caron Waterlilies, Needlepoint Inc. and ASAV to name but a few but my very very very favorite by far is by Vikki Clayton of Hand Dyed Fibers

Shop – now I’m a woman and I love shopping to bits. Just hate food shopping but any other kind I love, love, love. I don’t even have to buy anything. I am a very happy wanter which is really lucky for me as I tend to spend all my money on Stash and if I didn’t spend so much I could save up and go on a retreat somewhere.

Sammy – Samuel George Reeves-Smith, my grandson whom I love to bits. He told me a couple of weeks ago that when he comes here to sleep as he walks through my front door he gets sprinkled with fairy dust that makes him really good but that when he goes out again it disappears and he becomes his usual naughty self when he goes home.

Stop! – Well I had to fit my granddaughter in and her name is Lily Beatrice Reeves-Smith. We were driving down from a car park when all of a sudden she said Stop! Stop! Larry (my dh) slammed on the brakes and we both looked round wondering what on earth had made her say that. With that she just said as calmly as can be in her sweet little voice “and away we go’. It was just so funny.

So those are my 10 words for the letter S. If you want to get your letter and do your 10 words go to Red’s blog (there is a link to the right of this to her blog) and ask for your letter.

I am so delighted with my new camera I just can't tell you. So that's all from me for now except to say I'm now going to stitch and get off of this machine finally.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm so excited

I just had to share with you (if anybody is reading this that is) that I'm getting a new camera. I decided to get the best camera I could afford and have ordered the Sony DSC N2 which is so new that even after I joined Which to read a review online they didn't have one, but after having read other reviews between that one and the Kodak camera with the two lenses because I wanted to be able to take the best photos possible and those were my choices after having narrowed all the cameras down by the reviews (yeah I know this isn't stiching - but it will be used to photograph my stitching) and the Kodak got slated I decided to have another Sony one. So two blogs in 3 days I'm done and back to stitching 'A Token of Friendship' from SANQ, sorry can't remember the number offhand but will let you know if you want to because I always photocopy the charts from the magazines to try and keep them in pristine condition - the mgazines that is.

Until next time, Happy Stitching

Patti x

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I know, I know

Ummmmm I know I haven't posted in almost a week but really there hasn't been anything to tell you. I mean the days come and the days go and I stitch some and do other stuff, including entertaining at the weekend.

But yesterday was a totally different story. I had a great day which didn't start out that way. I went to Angela's for the day and got horribly lost getting there. I hate getting lost and it took me two hours to do a one hour journey. Maybe I should give in and get a Sat Nav and then maybe it wouldn't happen. But we had a really lovely day when I eventually got there - at least I left early so was there by mid-day. We talked and stitched and looked through my basket of silks that I brought with and talked and talked and stitched some more, it was just lovely.

One day when I get a better camera I'll take a picture of my basket of silk threads. I'm not going to take any more pictures until I get a new camera because the photos from mine are really really bad as you can see from my previous posts. I left Angela's at 6:30 and even after sitting on the M1 and I mean sitting, it was like one big car park yesterday even going south which is unheard of it only took me an hour to get home again.

Now the photo above is one I had taken with the camera from my phone, believe it or not and this is much more betterer! But there is a glare from the glass, obviously, which you can see. It was a small kit by Shepherds Bush that I had framed in a frame and gave it as a birthday present to my friend Hilary a few years ago. In fact I think it must have been around 10 years ago!! Blimey doesn't time go fast when you're having fun.

Well that's all from me for now. TTFN (that's Ta Ta For Now - very British)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I really really like this

Well I had a simply wonderful day yesterday. I met my friend Angela and we had lunch together and we brought some stash with us and talked and talked and talked and then we went to our LNS which is called The Country Cross Stitcher, which once upon a time had nothing but gorgeous Cross Stitch supplies in it. These have rather depleted now to a little tiny room. This shop was built a long long long time ago and in face was a house I think and so it has quite a few rooms. There is an entrance way and then a large room with a tiny room off of that to the left of the entrance hall and then going straight ahead there is another even larger room with a kitchen and loo off of that. Now if you can imagine both large rooms were stacked to the gills with Cross Stitch Charts and kits and the little room at the back had threads in it. All manner of threads both from here and the U.S. and although they charged £s for $s if you needed something now you could go there and get it. Now, however, only the little room has cross stitch in it and a bit in the first bigish room (the one to the left as you walk in) has a depleted rack of fabric on it and some cross stitch but when Rosemary (the original owner) sold the shop to Lee a little while ago I think she must have taken loads of Cross Stitch supplies and also all of the framed Shepherds Bush models that were there. Lee (the new owner) is just lovely and isn't charging £s for $s so I shall be buying from her in the future. She has priced the Shepherds Bush and, I would imagine, the rest of the American charts and kits exactly how they should be priced, in my humble opinion. Yes they are a bit pricier but you have to take into account that she has to pay vat (+17.5%) and postage costs. So, for example, the little SB needlefobs with the scissors costs $32.00 instead of $24.00 and that is really good for here trust me!

Right now on to stitching. I have finished the C.A. Wells La Lapin and here is the photo of it. I stitched it (only took me 3 years) and added CA's initials instead of mine because I was going to finish it and sell it but I have changed my mind and will stitch my initials on it soon. I have also recharted the rabbit and stitched this over one because I thought it looked better than over two. I as sorry I hadn't finished the stitching before I went there so I would have learned how to finish it (my friend Bertie is going to show me how) but if I would have done that then I would never have thought to stitch it over one. So maybe it was better that I didn't pre-stitch it.

I have almost finished Catherine Agnes by the wonderful designer Catherine Strickland who is Indigo Rose but will finish this next month when I go up to Britta's for a Sampler Guild ( Get-Together and somebody, any one of these wonderful stitchers, will show me how to do the Bullion Knots thingies which I don't know how to do and aren't ashamed of admitting it.

Finally here is how far I have gotten so far on Kindred House. I am LOVING doing this. It is just great and the way the designer, Chessie & Me, has put in Rhodes Crosses for the leaves and some of the flower on the left - they just pop out and it will be wondereful when it's done. I shall keep taking photos so you can see.

Well that's all from me for now. I shall get on with my stitching and you guys have a nice day.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I may as well ...

finish this day as I started it ... doing absolutely nothing. Well this isn't stitching now is it? See I know it isn't.

So I thought I would share with you what I've not been up to. Well I stitched yesterday with my friend Della. We had a lovely day. Some members of the Sampler Guild went to HMS Belfast to see the needlework exhibition. I didn't go because I as pretty sure on a ship that old there wouldn't be any disabled access and my friend Marjan went and confirmed this afterwards. Also the exhibition consisted of and I quote "It was..... interesting. The exhibition itself was tiny - a one foot square exhibit with a sailors collar and some of the seamstresses sewing tools in it, a one foot square exhibit of a skull with the scalp half sewn up over it, a couple of hanging displays giving the instructions for making a collar and that was about it. The best thing about the exhibit was that there were strips of calico that people were encouraged to write memorials to those who died at sea in war which was very moving." So I missed absolutely nothing except some of them went to Covent Garden afterwards and I really like going there but I can always go.

Ok now for some more stitching. I went to my friend Geraldine and took some photos of the Just Nan Sampler I made her for her birthday (it was a biggie but not as big a one as I'm gong to have next year). I really loved stitching it, especially the four corners which are done over one. I just love over one stitching, it always looks so realistic. I also love stitching over two with one thread on 32count and higher.

Ok that's all my stitching sharing with you today. But I will share my grandchildren with you. They are really the love of my life. I'm not supposed to say that because my husband is supposed to be the love of my life but he contradicts me! They never do. The worst that Sammy (who is 6) ever says is "Grandma! Language!" I can't even say shit or anything. Now Lily! Lily speaks Chinese - supposed to be english but really is quite undecipherable most of the time. I can understand her - but Larry is a completely different kettle of fish. But she is just so cute!! We were coming down from the car park - you know one of those round drive downs and all of a sudden she said "Stop! Stop!" really loudly like there was something wrong. So Larry slammed on the brakes (luckily there was nothing behind us). And then she said as sweetly as can be "and off we go". I laughed and laughed it was just so funny.

Sammy has never been funny - he has always been really serious and as sweet natured as can be and one laid back dude. He is just so good when he comes here and he told me the other day "you know grandma when I come to stay at your house there is special magic dust that goes over me when I come in through your door that makes me so good but when I leave it disappears and I'm back to being naughty at home."

Now as you may have already guessed Lily is quite some character. She calls me Maaaaaama in an American accent and she can't pronounce her g's and she calls Larry Bampa. Both in an American accent! Can't think where she got that from! We do lunch because she isn't at school yet - only at Nursery School. She is very tall and looks far older than her three and a half years and as you can see she i s no ballerina. The second photo is really more her.

Wells that's all from me for now. You know what? This Blog is like the London Transport system. You wait for a bus and none come along for hours and hours and then two come together. Rather like my Blog don't you think?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Silly Me ...

and to think I used to teach people how to use computers! At least I never professed to know how to use this. I couldn't figure out how to post another entry to this blog. I still haven't figured out how to arrange this how I really want it and how to put my favorite blogs on here (I have now) but no doubt in the next few days I will.

So what have I been doing? Well stitching of course. My (ok I'll give in OUR) son James and his fiancee Danielle are moving into their first home at the end of December so I am stitching it as a moving in present for them. So what is it you ask. It's Kindred House Sampler by Chessie & Me and I shall post updates as I get a bit further along the photo above, of course, isn't mine but the model for the photo on the front of the chart.

Before I say anything else I must just tell you about The Sampler Guild and encourage each and every one of you to go and join it if you love samplers like the rest of us do. The newsletter that goes out 4 times a year is worth the money plus a load more (Lin I am not telling you to up our fees). It is always so full of information and we always have great projects to do that can be done from anywhere in the world. It is the best money I spend all year and it really is great value for money. If you happen to live in the U.K. we have get togethers and retreats and the list just goes on and on. Please pay the website a visit and have a look at least.

I thought I would show you what I have stitched in the past - at least what I have taken photos of. Not that I remembered to take that many.

I stitched this and then sold it on ebay because I didn't love it enough to put it on any wall and didn't know what else to do with it so instead of just letting is lie around here I decided to let somebody have it that would appreciate it.

My ornament for my ornament exchange last year for The Sampler Guild which I made for Bertie Button who is just the loveliest woman and such a great friend.

I stitched The Red Sewing Case designed by Cynthia Zital of The Drawn Thread for my Birthday Buddy Judie who lives in Ca because she loves jewel colors but I did it in blue to be different and I thought this would be perfect and I really hope she loves it as much as I loved stitching it. My friend Barbara in Florida did a great job of finishing it for me. Barbara is also known as 44mamaw on Ebay (the U.S. Ebay) where she sells lots of her finished stitching which is to die for. Also on this photo is the pin cushion I stitched and Barbara finished for me. It is a Au Fil des RĂªves kit but unfortunately Sylvia has been unwell of late an I wish her better.

And ...

the two photos above are of a class piece of Martina Webers that I stitched and gave to a former friend after we were no longer speaking. The least said about this the better, except to say I am still aggravated I gave it and didn't keep it.

Finally, I promised Larry (him who must not be obeyed) that I would buy no more stash as I had more than enough (like most of us) to last until way after I am long gone. So I have to stop looking at all your blogs and wanting what you have stitched. I can look but just not buy and I must keep on repeating that to myself over and over and over I WILL NOT BUY I WILL NOT BUY I WILL NOT BUY yeah like I believe this. Maybe for today. Maybe I should treat this like I did when I quit smoking - you know one day at a time.

On a happier note I shall put up more photos of more stitching I have done in the past when I go to my friends and take photos of what I have given them.

Well that's all from me for now. Have to go downstairs and get stitching. Until next time and

Happy Stitching

Patti xxx