Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A NEW 10/25/50 Challenge Blogger

I have decided that I will start a new 10/25/50 Blogger and anyone and everyone who wants to join me in this challenge please just email me and I will add your name giving you permission to post on the blog directly. Well as soon as I find out how to do this that is but I'm sure it can't be that hard and the link to this new Blog is on the left hand side.

Anyway, I should have been starting ATS today but instead I'm still working on part 2 of Judy Odell's Treasured Workstation which I am enjoying apart from having decided to chose my own colors which I now have obviously, but I am not nearly organized to start on ATS anyway because I selected half of Vikki's DMC conversion and half of Grace's GAST conversion so I really have to get this done before I start it and get my little baggies labeled with either their equivalent GAST or DMC numbers or symbols or something. Anyway as Lily would say .... and off we go - so see you all sooner rather than later. Off to try and start that new Blog.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I should be stitching

but instead I am on here sharing more stitching - albeit really lovely things.

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You have heard of RAKs haven't you? Well I got one yesterday morning in the mail.
Helen, who is also known as Lena-Lou from her blog, sent me a chart I had on my wish list and she also sent me this wonderful ornament, that is beautifully stitched and finished, for which I am really grateful and thank you so very much Helen I can't tell you what this means to me.

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This is the ornament I stitched for Frances Rankin in the ornament exchange organised by Linda of The Sampler Guild and I really enjoyed both stitching this and finishing it. I stitched it on 32count Lakeside Linen and finished it with rouched hand-dyed pure silk ribbon from Vikki Clayton and now I am really into finishing and shall be finishing all the 7 things I have to do, but not just now because I am working on the 2nd part of Judy Odell's Treasured Workstation. You can see the ornament that Frances Rankin stitched for me lower down the page (much lower I think now).

I started Judy Odell's Treasured Workstation via The Legacy BB and started by using these colors for the flowers and then decided that it all looked a bit too bright so guess who had the frog come to visit? Yup me!! Sorry I ever invited him in because he just wouldn't leave and I frogged and frogged and frogged a load thereafter. But finally I have finished Part 1 and well and truly kicked him O U T!!

and I really like it now. I am stitching on an old piece of linen that I bought before the company (who's name escapes me right now) became Heaven Lee, and I am really delighted with it. Looking at the first one I think I might have liked that one too but who knows - I certainly never will. I'm not really one for bright colors - I really prefer muted ones to be honest and usually I like antique white or cream fabric the best but since I had to have all this colored stuff I decided it was time I started using it. So until next time as they say on Strictly Come Dancing in this adopted country of mine with a little bit of alteration

KEEP STITCHING (they say keep dancing but what the h*ll)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I know ...

I haven't written any new entries on my blog in over a week but I haven't been all that great. Something is wrong with my right arm and hand and I am right handed! Anyway I went to the doctor twice this week and the second time she gave me new painkillers as it really hurt. It seems to be getting better now and I shall post something nice by the beginning of next week at the latest so until then ........

Keep stitching

Patti xxx

Monday, December 04, 2006

My Plan - well not mine exactly

but taken from another Blog.

My Plan
I read on a Blog about a challenge and I have decided to take the 10-25-50 challenge. Essentially this challenge means that I have to finish 10, 25 or 50 projects from my needlework stash before I can purchase another chart or kit. I will do this but with a few modifications – well there has to be doesn’t there? Honestly! Ok here goes with the modifications:
1. If I stitch something that needs finishing it will count as 2 finishes
2. I am going to start with 25 projects and will add more until I have 50 so keep watching
3. Threads don’t count as without them I can’t stitch
4. These will not be done necessarily in the order I thought of them but will be done in the order I need them done in or want them
5. There will be no time limit on this except for the ones that have to be done by a certain date like the Ornaments and the samplers for my son and future daughter-in-law
6. Pattern size doesn’t matter because some will be big and others small
7. The official start date for me was December 1, 2006.
8. When they are done I shall color the text purple

My List of 25 projects:
1. Christmas Ornament for Frances Rankin from JCS Ornament Magazine 2004 (I will put the photo up here when it is done and mailed)
2. Finishing for the ornament for Frances Rankin - her ornament to me can be seen lower down on this blog.
3. Christmas Ornament for Judith Neufeld

4. Finishing for the ornament for Judi Neufeld
5. Kindred House by Chessie & Me
6. Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose
7. Strawberry Sampler Sewing Case by From Merry's Heart
8. La Lapin by C A Wells
9. Making up La Lapin
10. A Canadian Journey by Giulia Punti Antichi
11. Birds and Berries by From Merry’s Heart
12. Making up the Birds & Berries Accessories
13. Stitched Envelope for my Quaker exchange
14. Making up envelope for my Quaker exchange
15. Red Reindeer Sampler by Birds of a Feather
16. House and Garden Huswife designed by members of The Sampler Guild
17. Making up the Huswife
18. 20 Flowers Scissors Case by Just Nan
19. Making up The Scissor Case
20. Lavender Rose Sewing Case by Jane Timmers of Fancy Works
21. And They Sinned by Examplar Dames to be started on December 26, 2006
22. French Alphabet Sampler to be started on January 1, 2007
23. 20 Flowers Needlecase by Just Nan
24. Making up the Needlecase
25. I Do by Bent Creek for James & Danielle as a wedding sampler to be finished by March 2007
26. Hearts for All Seasons by Abbey Lane Designs
27. Ghosties and Ghoulies by Brightneedle
28. Making up Ghosties & Ghoulies
29. Blossom Hills by By The Bay Needleart
30. Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs
31. Busy Bee by Shepherd's Bush
32. Sarah Moon by Needleprint
33. Alphabet Book from SANQ
34. Making up The Alphabet Book
35. Angel Song by Shepherds Bush
36. Thoughtful Heart by Shepherds Bush
My Treasured Workstation
37. My Treasured Workstation Part 1
38. My Treasured Workstation Part 2
My Treasured Workstation Part 3
My Treasured Workstation Part 4
41. My Treasured Workstation Part 5
My Treasured Workstation Part 6

I am committed now. I've put it out here in writing :-). It's a good thing there is an edit feature, seriously though it is a great idea and I really want to do this. I am fortunate to have any number of wonderful designs in my stash. Lately, I have been feeling like I am more of a collector than a stitcher and I want to be a stitcher!

Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm still sick............

Now everyone, that's me and you Angela and one or two others, say ahhhhh. I thought I was better in the middle of the week so I went out and here I am back in my bed again feeling really sorry for myself with a temperature. The reason I'm feeling sorry for myself is not just because I'm not well but because Danielle's (future daughter-in-law) parents and grandmother have come down from Glasgow for the weekend as they have a wedding to attend and they were supposed to come here for dinner this evening and I have had to call it off and we really really like them, they are such lovely people and were very easy to like.

But even worse than that, if it's possible, is that I was supposed to go up to Alton tomorrow to Britta's with Angela for a Sampler Guild gathering and I was so looking forward to it as I haven't seen Marjan or Britta or Lin for simply ages. I just can't tell how sad I am to cancel, but with the majority of the girls, ladies, whatever, going to Ackworth, as there is a Symposium thingy (sorry don't know what to call it) where people are coming from far as far as the US and Canada and Europe for this, this week I'm sure that none of them would thank me for giving them whatever it is that I have.

So sorry but no photos today - haven't done much but will post as soon as I have something to show you. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll see you all next week.