Sunday, January 28, 2007

I am a Hydrangea

I couldn't believe it. I did this quiz thingy again and obviously the first time I must have lied or something but this time I turned out to by a Hydrangea and this is what it says about me.

"You are just a little bit of a show off and like to prove just what you can do. Every time someone double-dog-dared you, you proved that not only could you do it, but you could do it with style."

And this is so true about me. I love proving what I can do and I am a bit of a show off I must admit. I suppose it's bad of me to admit this but hey if it's the truth so be it. Listen if I wasn't a show off I wouldn't put my stitching on here now would I? Nope I sure wouldn't but I do and love it.

I still haven't finished James & Danielle's wedding sampler but at least I did work on it some today.

Tomorrow I doubt that I will though because my Uncle Jack passed away on Thursday - he was married to my late mother's only sister to whom I am really close and the funeral is tomorrow and then after that we will go back to my Aunt's house for lunch I guess - not that I'm eating yet but Larry can eat bagels and stuff which I'm sure will be there. So guess I won't be on here again until sometime next week.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What a weekend!

What a weekend this turned out to be. Bought tickets for Ryan Air in November to fly up to Glasgow on Friday leaving at 11:55 a.m. and landing around 1:00p.m. That was the idea anyway. Now consider this - Glasgow is part of the U.K. right and because of security etc. etc. etc. one has to have photo id to get on an airplane even if you are flying within the U.K. So what did I bring? My driving license which has a photo of me on it and is valid. That's what they ask for and that's what I brought with. What did they want? My bloody passport! Why you ask? Because on my driving license it states that I was born in the USA. What bloody difference does that make. So what happened? They wouldn't let me on the damn plane is what happened. I was going to Glasgow by hook or by crook! So then we thought (James and me his mother) fast and I thought ok we'll drive up and Danielle (future daughter-in-law) says great because she doesn't like flying anyway. Then her dad phones up and says he thinks the weather is treacherous so not a great idea and in the meantime James has lined up at EasyJet which has had really bad press here in the U.K. for being pedantic and they said my id was absolutely fine so instead of this being a cheap trip (my initial flight cost £29.00 return) was now going to cost an additional £228.00 and the plane was leaving three hours later and flying into Edinburgh instead of Glasgow so they all flew to Prestwick near Glasgow and I flew to Edinburgh which is around an hour away from Glasgow. So they all landed in Prestick at 1p.m. and I landed in Edinburgh at 4:20 p.m. They went to Danielle's for lunch then had to drive to collect me and my wheelchair (I have MS) from Edinburgh. Got back to Glasgow and the hotel at around 5:30 and were going to Danielle's parents for dinner. I looked an absolute mess - my hair was totally disgusting and I am going to meet all these relatives and friends of Danielle's parents (the parents who luckily I had met loads of times previously so they knew I didn't usually look like this) and I was so tired and fed up by this time that I really didn't care. I had to wait around Stanstead airport for almost 4 hours on my own, and if any of you know anything about MS it isn't the walking and not walking that isn't the biggest thing but the extreme tiredness that one can suffer from that is, and I was tired by now. So I spent a large part of the latter evening by yawning a whole lot and on one of them managed to put my jaw out, oh yeah and it's pouring too.

Saturday we woke up, boy that's a joke, there were football hooligans in the hotel and they yelled and screamed and ran up and down the halls all night and we didn't get a wink of sleep with all this going on and I really don't do good without sleep so we went to the shops and the weather was lovely and we came back from the shops around mid day to meet James and Danielle because I was trying out a hairdresser up there which was another disaster. Oh yeah I almost forgot I had 2 hairdressers booked and missed the Friday appointment because I wasn't there so had to rely on the Saturday appointment which was diabolical and a total disaster, oh yeah and by this time it was pouring again after a really lovely morning.

Then we went out for lunch and I have to say looking back on it all that was the highlight of the whole weekend - it was the best macaroni cheese I have ever had in my whole life that I can remember anyway. Went back to the hotel and complained about the noise from the night before and they gave us back £10.80 for the inconvenience. What a big deal that was. We were really careful not to spend it all at once. As I am writing this I have decided to complain to their head office here. Then in the evening we went out with James & Danielle and Roberta & Jeff (Danielle's parents) to a really lovely Italian Restaurant in Glasgow but I was so tired that I really couldn't appreciate anything and James said i was really quiet but I was totally zonked.

Yesterday we went to Roberta & Jeff's for lunch and then to the hotel where James and Danielle are going to have the reception for their wedding which is really really lovely - very old and Scottish which is what they wanted and was all very lovely. Then it came time to go home again. I'm on Easyjet and leave at 15.20 and get into Stanstead at 16:00 - a really short flight and they land at 19:20 so again I'm on my own for over 3 hours - funnily enough going wasn't as bad as coming back again because now I'm zonked again. So today all my plans of stitching and finishing the I Do sampler have gone to pot and here is it almost 4pm and I'm still in bed. Oh well plans of mice and men and all that and I'm now rethinking the wedding plans that we had made because this has so zonked me out that will I be able to take 2 days on the road each way and perhaps it would be a whole lot better if we flew and didn't drive up at all. Hmmmm have to think this one through and thanks for reading my main moan of the year.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rotation & Gridding

I have decided on a rotation that will work for me. I have just seen somewhere - heck I can't remember where I read so many boards - ok four but that's a lot isn't it? Sure it is. Ok I think I have finally found a rotation that will work really well for me. You split the month into 4 weeks g-d knows what happens when there is a five week month or three days over ummmmm guess the two or three days just fall into the final week. So starting next month:

Week 1 will be strictly for And they Sinned
Week 2 will be strictly for The French Alphabet Sampler
Week 3 will be strictly for smalls
Week 4 will be for anything I feel like doing

So February 1st look out because ATS is
going to get started if I haven't started her before and now I am desperate for coffee have been for a while but too damn lazy to get off my fat ass.

In the meantime I have been working on I Do by Bent Creek and am almost finished it and when I do I will put a photo of it on here - probably Monday or Tuesday and I am really enjoying stitching this except for the cottons I am using for it - Weeks Dye Works and GAST as I have gotten so used to using Vikki Clayton's silks Hand Dyed Fibers and they are so hard touch wise that I probably would have enjoyed it better had I been used HDF instead but it'll be done soon and then I can get back to my usual silks.

The second thing is I'm about to start And They Sinned (ATS) and I have never worked on a piece this big and I was wondering whether I should grid the fabric or not? I am so not sure of this I just can't tell you but I dare say I'll make up my mind before I start, but then again I might change it because making up my mind isn't one of my greatest assets that's for sure.

We are going away tomorrow for the weekend so I won't be around until Monday so see you all then.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am not a happy camper

Well I'm not. And that is for sure! You see I finally found a necklace I love together with matching earrings. I want to look just great for James' & Danielle's wedding and this set would be perfect. It's really classy as you can see without being over the top.

The reason I'm not a happy camper is because of most international companies ethics when coming to this country (The United Kingdom). Now consider this, this set is made by Swarovski which is a renowned world-wide company. So what have they done you ask? What they charge is what I am so angry about. If I buy these in Canada they C£80.00 which is $68.12 each, if I buy them anywhere on the Continent that's France etc. they are €59.00 each which equals $ 76.34 each so a bit more but nothing drastic and here in jolly old England they are charging $96.62 each!! Why I ask myself when this stuff is made in Switzerland which isn't a zillion miles from here. So why do we get charged the most? Ok it's not an arm and a leg but multiply this by a good few outlets and lots of people purchasing this.

Ok let's take like for like - Bella Earrings

Price in the U.S. $40.00
Price in the U.K. via $67.63

That's about 70% more profit you get from us poor Brits (ok adopted Brit) than from our U.S. counterparts.

SWAROVSKI you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I have decided ... well sort of you know me

Ok I have given this a long and hard think because I really really want to start ATS but I think that I had better get the things out of the way that I need to stitch like

1. Quaker Exchange for QX12
2. Sampler for son's wedding which will be upon us before I know what's hit me
3. Moving in Sampler which I have decided to give to somebody else who shall remain nameless in case that person reads this blog (highly unlikely I know but you never can tell)

So what do the rest of you think about this. I will be finishing QX12 thingy (can't tell you what it is because it's a surprise) today so will either finish moving sampler or starting son's sampler.

The weather here is dismal to say the least. But I'm inside and I shall be stitching in about 3 minutes flat.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year - ok sort of

Well I haven't written because I've been unwell since New Year's Day. As January 1 moved through the day I developed the most awful headache and no it wasn't a hangover because believe you have to drink alcohol to get one of those. Then I thought it was because I had started my new diet which is The Cambridge Diet - UK Website, sorry I couldn't find the American one and my head hurts too much to look right now because it turns out I have some kind of virus again and that's what is causing my headache.

These are the things that I have finished and are waiting for me to finish into stuff.

This first one is waiting to be finished into a box top and it was designed by The Drawn Thread

The 2nd is by Merry Cox and is waiting to be finished into a Needlebook

The third is House of the embroiderer scissors and needle case by Au Fil Des Reves

Which is going to look like this hopefully

The fourth is this one which is a little kit from Elegant Stitch in aid of Breast Cancer

The fifth one is another little kit from Elegant Stitch in aid of breast cancer

The next one is something I got out of Sampler & Antique Needlework and was meant to be a little book but I stitched it on the wrong count of fabric so I haven't decided what it's going to be yet.

I know I have more unfinished things that have been stitched but luckily for you I haven't taken photos of them yet. So until next time