Thursday, April 26, 2007

I know and about time too

Well the wedding has been over and done with and it was absolutely FABULOUS!! They got married on April 15, 2007. They got married at 3:30pm in a Synagogue in Gifnock in Scotland and we traveled up there on Friday by EasyJet and they were amazing I have to say. We stayed at the same place the wedding was going to take place which is The Crutherland House Hotel and it was just an amazing place to stay. The staff were, oh just amazing - I have to think of a different word but they really were. It was just second to none the service and the food and oh just everything. We stayed there from Friday to Tuesday and were treated like royalty.

The wedding was just perfect and I didn't do my usual of really sobbing - you know the kind where you can hear the noise of the crying all over the place - I was really restrained and didn't really have to worry about my make-up like I thought I would so that was good and my James was really impressed because he remembered when Sara got married.

The food was amazing. We had Smoked Salmon stuffed with Smoked Salmon Mouse followed by Chicken stuffed with an apricot stuffing which was amazing together with potatoes and vegetables followed by five different little deserts and each one was better than the last and the first one was unbelievable (see I can think of another word besides amazing) finally followed by coffee and fruit. It was just so lovely.

Danielle's mother, Roberta, did the most amazing job or organizing this wedding and what's more they moved house around 6 weeks before and have had workmen in ever since which they didn't expect to have to do straight away. They thought, obviously mistakingly, that they could do it bit by bit but when they actually moved in they found that the kitchen and two out of the three bathrooms were unlivable with and had to be done straight away as well as the wall they needed to come down that they had expected. So Jeff (Danielle's Dad) was in charge of the renovations and Roberta was in charge of the wedding.

I know that they say that every bride is beautiful but Danielle really was - she is a lovely looking young lady and has as nice a nature as she is good looking - what a great combination.

This is the Sampler I stitched for James and Danielle. I absolutely loved stitching it and I think it turned out really lovely.

Obviously James and Danielle - sorry they are just sitting down but when I get the real photos as opposed to just this one that Danielle's brother Johnny took (and thank you very much Jonathon for taking them)

Here is one of Larry and Fatso (that's me) and in case you are wondering who is who I'm the one with the rooster on top of my head. Here we are in all our finery but even though I look fat I really loved the way I looked and felt great in my dress and got so many compliments on it.

This is a photo of our younger daughter Stacy and believe it or not she is going to be 34 at the end of July. I know she looks around 18 but she isn't. She looked absolutely phenomenal. Her hair is long and she had it done in a French Pleat and she looked so sophisticated and elegant and just fabulous.

Last of all here is a photo my from left to right my Auntie Maureen who is my late mother's sister and I will put a photo on here of my late mother so that you can see how alike they look. In fact people who knew my mother are warned how alike they look because when they see my Aunt they get a real shock thinking she is my mom's ghost. Anyway from left to right it's my Auntie Maureen, my cousin Julie, ME, my cousin Allan and Julie's husband Andrew.

This is one of the last photos of my late mother. This wedding description wouldn't be the same without her. I know that one shouldn't have favorites but my mother did and James was hers and she would have been so happy for my son (ok he is really our son). I also wanted to show you this photo so that you can see how alike my mom and her sister were.The only difference really between my mom and her sister is my mother colored her hair and my aunt doesn't. I miss my mother extraordinarily and couldn't even bear to look at this photo for the longest time and I know she would have been ecstatic by James choice in a wife as Danielle is just so lovely.

I hope you can tell that I had a great time at the wedding and I love my son and daughter-in-law to bits.

I'm really sorry that I don't have any photos of my grandchildren who were pageboy and bridesmaid or my elder daughter Sara-Jane and son-in-law Andrew but as soon as I get some I will post them on here so in the meantime here is one of the children taken on the Saturday night (I think)

and last but by no means least here is one of Johnny (who took the photographs on my camera for me) and me

Well that's it from me for today but at least I have finally updated this blog of mine. I will write sooner next time and not leave it so long.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Updated my Wish List

Hi Everyone
I have now updated my wish list because it had been a while, so go and have a look should the mood take you so see what I am hankering after as you never know you just might be too.

I am finally stitching again. I am doing Part 3 of My Treasured Workstation and after I have finished this part I am going to stitch one of the things that I am committed to and hopefully will finish both before we got to Scotland at the end of the week.

I am now getting so excited about the wedding and really looking forward to it. I just can't believe that my baby boy is getting married. He has grown into such a wonderful man and I am so very very proud of him. Plus he has picked the loveliest woman to marry. She is just a joy and I just know that she will make him happy.

My Sara (eldest daughter) has a rash and the children haven't been particularly well either but hopefully neither of them will come down with Chicken Pox which is rampant at the moment. Mind you Lily has already had it and Sammy never caught it from her but let's hope that he doesn't get it this week as he is Page Boy at the wedding this coming Sunday.

Ok that's all from me for now and I will put on some stitching photos this week I promise.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ok so I lied!

The Saga didn't really end. I thought about this and thought about it some more even though I really wanted let this go I just couldn't. Then we had the Aufruf (see previous mail for what this is) and I suddenly knew that David had never in a zillion years arranged his party. Jill had! I knew 100% that he just did as he was told and nothing more. So again she lied and I realised this when I was in synagogue.

So they arrived at my house and to cut a short story even shorter I was so sarcastic to her - I mean really sarcastic and that I can be - James (son) said I was rude Janice (friend) Overheard me too and said I was pretty good and just let her know that I knew and was still angry. So what did Jill do, and what had I said? Ok she asked me where I was putting the fish (I was really uptight by this time because Sara (elder daughter) hadn't turned up with the fish yet and I could see (I'm not blind) that the 40 people I had in my lounge were hungry and I was getting more uptight by the second at daughter who should have brought the fish over before she went to synagogue. 2 minutes later Sara arrived with the fish and Jill asked me where I was going to put it with a big empty platter sitting in the middle of the table so I said "I'm going to hang it from the ceiling" (really sarcastically as only I can be) and she replied "0h that was nice" so I then said "I actually thought I was being nice." To which she replied "That's it I'm going" but she didn't - she sat until the last knockings just after 4 when I was really dead on my feet (I was sitting down) and left without saying goodbye.

If she had only had the courtesy not to treat me like an idiot by lying and would have said to me when I phoned her "Look I'm sorry you are so upset I made the party but was so angry with you at the time because you had ignored Daniel's (her son) wedding (in Thailand - look I was wrong I didn't even send a card I WAS WRONG and there is absolutely no excuse no matter how badly I want there to be) that I couldn't stomach to speak or see you so I made a conscious decision not to invite you. I would have understood. Not been happy especially but understood that's for sure. Not been happy because I think I would have confronted her if the shoe had been on the other foot and not just ignore it. Still wouldn't have invited her because I truly wouldn't have wanted her in my face but I would have confronted her. Because I was wrong but two wrongs don't make a right and I can now never see anything good between us again and it's so sad as was have been a family for a very very long time.

I do have my finished stitching to show you (on my camera) - at least one thing I have taken a photo of but have to get it off my camera. The other thing I'll take a photo of next time I got to Glasgow - ok next week I'll take a photo of it. I'm not delighted with the way it turned out - the stretching isn't good but there isn't anything I can do about it now.