Saturday, August 18, 2007


Sorry no stitching this week - I have felt like absolute crap! Went to the doctor again last Monday and hated her and will definitely not see her again. Wanted to see a specialist because I am definitely having problems but would she refer me? Would she hell! So I have been on two loads of antibiotics this week and feel dreadful. I am dizzy and have had a headache all week so no stitching - in fact I haven't even picked up a needle all darn week.

Anyway enough of that - so far only two of you have replied to my Pay It Forward, and as of this minute I am sending to Angela who doesn't have a blog and Lynn who does. Do please sign up here - I need 3 more to keep my end of the bargain with Tanya where I got the idea in the first place. If you don't think you are able to stitch 5 things in the next year then agree to send however many you think you could stitch for - I won't be put out honest I won't but I do want to keep my end of the bargain so please even if you think you could only PIF for two other people then sign up anyway.

Well I finally got my own way - not often but it does happen. I am now having the children one at a time on Friday nights to stay. Last night it was Lily's turn. We had such fun. Even though I am feeling not my usual 100% self I hate disappointing the children. Sara brought them both over for a little while and then Andrew came and collected Sammy for his daddy and me night together which I totally believe they both need and Larry (dh), Sara and I took Lily out for supper because I really didn't want to cook. Lily is just so funny and cute and edible. We took her to a local restaurant and she wanted Chicken and chips so that is what she had. I was really dumb and had a steak - I haven't been eating all week which is absolutely and positively no big deal and I think I have even lost some weight though I have no weigh (ha ha) of proving it because the darn scales are broken so back to Costco they will go. Anyway after dinner Sara went home for a well deserved solo night in and we had the lovely Lily. She went to bed as good as gold and then woke up at around 5am which is very unlike her and Larry let her into our bed which is unheard of - he never ever allowed our children into our bed. Didn't mean they didn't come into our bed they he never allowed it.

An old photo of Lily but it is just her - pink frilly girly skirt and jeans! She hasn't really changed just gotten taller and still just as gorgeous and cute and I'm not prejudiced ...
Oh it was lovely. She put her arms around me and slept like that. I had totally forgotten how lovely it was to sleep with a child. Boy did it ever bring back memories. When our children were small they knew to come in mommy's side because she would just budge up and let them in and if they got in daddy's side he would boom out 'back to your bed you go'. So it was really lovely even though I didn't get a lot of sleep. She was hugging me and I was loving it. So this might have attributed to my yucky feeling today. Sara came and got her at around 1pm and while she's at Maama's (that's what she calls me - she calls Larry Baampa and long may it last both said with my Yankee accent) she has whatever she wants to eat so it was chocolate all morning.

Next time there will be stitching again hopefully. I am seeing my usual doctor on Monday but I'm sure I'm ok and it's just these darn antibiotics that are making me feel so utterly yucky! Larry says I should stop taking them and you know what - for once in my life I might just listen to him!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here Finally - some stitching

Hi All
Well here goes. I have this awful thing, condition I guess you can call it that if I am supposed to be stitching on something or finishing something I won't allow myself to stitch anything else if I am not doing/finishing what it is I'm supposed to be doing. So what happens? I stitch nothing! And, I haven't stitched anything in days. But my stitching hiatus will be at an end as soon as I have finished writing this update to my blog and I will start something new or go to finish or stitch on one of my UFO's.

But here goes what I have stitched recently...

This might look really nice, and even though I stitched it on 40ct one over two you would have thought it would have come out the right size, but it was much much much too big as Sandra the recipient would agree with. I should have stitched it over one on even 28ct would have been so much better. Sandra is an amazing stitcher as you can see if you click on her name above and I would really advise all who visit here to do so and see the magnificant things she has stitched. What I should have done is made it into a stand-up, and might have if only I knew how to make one - I know there are places here on the web where there are explanations on how to do this but I was in a hurry so a pinkeep it stayed rightly or wrongly and one day Sandra I shall make it up to you. Soooooooo all I can say now is Angela come home soon please I need you as well as miss you because if you had been here and not on holiday a Stand-up it might have become. And on to the next ..........

Now this piece I love love love - it is the start of my Neighborhood Round Robin that I should get back in around 2 years or so. I loved stitching every single bit of it, from the plain old cross stitches to the Eyelet stitches to the Smyrna stitches which are in a load of places and I feel gives it some depth. It is part of a chart by Blackbird Designs (silly me for some reason thought this was by Sheepish Designs, but of course it isn't) which is one of my favorite designers definitely.

This thing is typing so slowly today I mean I am typing the t of typing now and I can see the t of today! Ridiculous so I'm stopping here and now. Until next time and thank you all for looking at my blog I really really appreciate it and I especially like all your comments good or otherwise so please keep them coming.