Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I know this is unusual for me to post so often. My stitching is suffering but sometimes you just have to acknowledge GREAT GREAT SERVICE publicly and this is that time.

I had put in an order with Theresa of Shakespeare's Peddler sometime in July for some things from her Auto Club. Things like fabric, which of those of you that really know me know that I am addicted to collecting, and special threads and last but by no means least I joint her Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Club. So what happened you are asking yourselves. Well not longer after I joined all these automatics and after a lot of advice from Theresa as to what I should actually get our financial circumstances changed a great deal and I had to cancel everything. So I write to Theresa and apologise and explained my situation and cancelled what I had just ordered and I felt terrible but it had to be done.

So, last week I was checking my bank balance as I do every day, and found that approximately $58.00 had been taken from my bank account and I couldn't figure it out. It said that it had been taken by Shakespeare's Peddler so I immediately wrote to Theresa again and she replied that there weren't any invoices for me. I emailed her back with the details from my bank account and then got another email from her saying she still knew nothing about it but would look into it. The next email was from me to Theresa saying that the goods had arrived here that I hadn't ordered. Theresa replied that if I would send the goods back she would refund my money. So I was about to package it up and mail it back when I got another email from her saying not to send them back and she was refunding my bank account immediately.

THANK YOU SO MUCH THERESA your generosity has made my year, no decade! You are such a very very special person and you now have a customer for life and I will never buy from anybody else because your service is just THE BEST and I want EVERYONE to know. So not only am I putting this in my blog I will put this on every Bulletin Board that I belong to.

So what did I get you ask? Well I think it must have been one of Theresa's staff sent me BlackBird Designs Loose Feathers #23 which is Bluebirds Message a photo of which you can see at the top of this message because for some reason I can't move it down here right now.
I got the threads which the chart calls for which are:

Specialty Threads

Weeks Dye Works
2258 Aztec Red
1331 Brick
2220 Curry
924 Deep Sea
1230 Havana
2201 Moss
2211 Olive
3960 Teal Frost
A piece of R&R hand-dyed 40ct fabric to stitch it on. A large piece of 28ct evenweave with which to stitch ATS on if I decide to stitch it over one and 2 packets of John James Petites Needles sizes 26 and 28 and even though these are made in the U.K. for some reason I have never been able to purchase them here.
So on the side of my blog you will now only see two stores listed. One is here in the U.K. and I have only ever ordered from them very rarely and the other one is Shakespeare's Peddler because I know who I will only be ordering from, from now on. Theresa is just so special and I wanted to thank her publicly and this was the best way I knew as many of you read my blog but not that many leave comments.
Finally I would like to publicly thank all of you that leave comments because I love getting them. I will be posting some finishes on here in the next week or so after I am sure they have been received so look out because this posting will remain on here for at least a week.
Patti xxx

Friday, November 02, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I couldn't believe it the other day when I read Deb's Blog and saw that I got her No. 1 Smile Award. It really made me feel special and now it's my pleasure to pass along this really special (well I thought it was really special) gift by choosing 10 others who make me smile and tapping them with the officia You Make Me SMILE AWARD!!!
1. Deb who has the ability to make me smile by what she writes and her joy at life
2. Helen who is just so special and such a 'giver' and gave me my first (and last so far) RAK which I love and will have a small metal tree this year especially to hang it from
3. Su who is one of the most amazing and inspirational stitchers and finishers I know. She just makes me want to pick up my needle and stitch
4. Angela who cheers me up all the time and really makes me smile just thinking about her
5. Yuko who takes nothing for granted and anyone who receives one of her stitched items is really lucky though she doesn't think so and her stitching always bring a smile to my face
6. Susan who is always up and has done the opposite of what I have - she is a displaced Brit
7. Margaret who's stitching is amazing and just looking at her work is inspirational
8. Vero just looking at your stitching and finishing makes me smile because it is so perfect
9. Sandra - I don't remember how we met but we did and we met at a Sampler Guild get-together in the summer and it was great before we met and even greater after and she really makes me smile. Oh yeah and did I tell you what an amazing Stitcher and Finisher she is too.
10. Sandra - yep there are two of them. This one lives quite close to me and we met through The Sampler Guild here in the U.K. and have been great friends for around 3 years and is a truly great friend who makes me smile all the time.