Monday, March 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I know it's been ages but Deb tagged me on this Seven Random Things About Me and since him upstairs is so much better now and Mr. Angry (aka dh) has left the planet and I am finally stitching again I thought I would play along and do as she asked, as she is so very very lovely anyway.  

Ok the rules of this are:

1.  Once you are tagged you link back to the person who tagged you (see her name is underlined that means it's a link)
2.  Post the Rules on your Blog - doing that now
3.  Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog
4.  Tag 7 people and link them (Deb tagged 8 I think)
5.  Comment on their Blogs to let them know they have been tagged

The 7 Random/Weird things About Me

1.  I am scared of stairs.  I don't mind heights in the least but stairs terrify me because I am always scared I will fall down them and always take off my glasses to walk down any
2.  I am the untidiest neat freak that there ever was.  I hate mess but I make a huge amount of it with my stash and stuff but am back to stitching again now so the mess will have to wait
3.  I am psychic and have seen a ghost.  I just know things are going to happen before they do and am right more often than not.  I was on a course about 20 years ago and was staying in a very old Pub/Restaurant/Hotel.  Anyway before dinner there was a group of us and we were having a drink at the bar and in the left hand corner of the room, by this huge fireplace, I saw this huge chair with a little old man sitting in it drinking.  After dinner the waiter who had been serving us said that loads of people had seen a ghost in the bar sitting in a very large chair with a hood over it and I said 'but there is an old man sitting in a chair' got up, went into the room and not only wasn't the old man there but the chair wasn't there either.
4.  I am sort of old, as most of you know, but I still don't have any grey hair - apart from the slight bit of blonde that I have put in the front it is still as dark as it ever was and totally undyed!
5.  I used to sell Life Assurance but quit when I was diagnosed with MS because at that time I was w/chair bound and somehow I didn't think it would work going to see people in a wheelchair - I mean they might have had stairs and stuff to get into their homes/flats/apartments etc.
6.  Although I give this outward thing of looking tough and hard I am exactly the opposite and get very easily hurt by people and upset really easily.
7.  I do not, on the whole, hold grudges because you have to remember stuff to hold a grudge about it and my memory is shot.  Good thing really if you ask me.

Ok my 7 Tagees are: