Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Better late than never

Sorry I haven't written in a while.  I just wanted to let you all know that my son (ok our son) James finished the London Marathon on the 13th of April 2008 which was exactly a year from when he and the very lovely Danielle got married last year.  He said all along that this was going to be a one time only thing but he loved it so much that he has applied to do it again next year but it's in the lap of the g-ds whether he is accepted again.  He did raise £3627.00 and this amount does not include the tax that the MS Society can claim back either from the tax-paying citizens of the U.K.   I have tired to insert his photo with the medal but for some reason Blogger wouldn't let me - when it will then I will put it up.  To say I am proud of him is putting it so mildly.  He is really quite something.  Until I can put up a stitching post because the things I have sent to the States have been received .... 

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sampler Guild Get-Together

Well it was Saturday again when I started this entry but it wouldn't upload and now it's Sunday but this is what happened yesterday.  Anyway I felt I just had to share with anyone that reads my blog that we had a get-together of The Sampler Guild.  It was such a lovely lovely day with so many incredibly gifted and talented stitchers.   It was held at Marjan's (I call her Marion though strictly speaking she is Dutch and should be called Marjan, but you would never know she was anything but British as her English is so much better than mine).  Anyway I just felt that I had to show you what she stitched in just three, yes I SAID 3 WEEKS!!  And she has a 11 year old son and she is a single parent, only for the time being as she is engaged to the lovely Jean Claude, and she works more than full time and we don't know when she sleeps and her stitching is A M A Z I N G!!  Almost as amazing as she is!  Plus it is as good on the back as it is on the front, in fact you can't tell which is the right side and which is the wrong side!  I love going to Marjan's home because, just like her, it is so warm and friendly and we never want to leave.   

Marjan's Egyptian Sampler that she stitched in 3 weeks and worked full time as well and looked after her son and I think maybe slept a little bit

Katie came and she is actually not just a terrific stitcher but she is an accomplished designer as well and she was currently stitching on 55count linen and making it look easy and she has four children aged from 2 to 13 and is a great mother too and a really sweet person.  

This is Katie's Miniature Sampler that she stitched on 50 count linen a couple of years ago and is to die for and this just shows the quality of her work

Carol was there and Carolyn and Britta and Bertie and Laura and Chris and Pauline were there too as were Sandra and Janet, thanks Janet for taking us,  and Heather and Anne and there must have been 20 of us at least, well it felt like it.  Linda, who is the founder of The Sampler Guild came as did her mother Sonia who is yet another gifted stitcher and last but by no means least Beryl was there who does the most amazing Stumpwork you have ever seen. I hope I didn't leave anyone out and if I did I'm truly sorry and I suffer with Alzheimer's - ok so I don't but hey I am old(ish)!

I have never met such a generous giving loving bunch of people before in my whole entire life. They are all really quite amazing not only in their stitching abilities but in lots of other ways too.  

Both Sandra and Anne frequently do classes in the States (of which I am very jealous I might add).  Sandra has just returned from some in Delaware and Anne is just about to go again.

This is Sandra's Biscornu - isn't it just FABULOUS

As most of you know my son James is running the London Marathon next Sunday raising money for The Multiple Sclerosis Society here in Great Britain and to date he has raised £3,233.00 and to say I'm proud of him and his efforts is putting it so mildly and I am about to burst with pride so if anyone wants to donate some money to his fund you can do so at the top of my blog on the left hand side.

Well next time I will be putting some of my own stitching on here as I will be able to show it to you as it will have been received but it's recipients finally.

So until next time

Patti xxx