Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I gave in ...

and bought a Card Reader from the Apple shop so that I could use it on my Mac as well as the PC. And then guess what?!? Yup you got it in one. I found the darn camera lead to the computers. Doesn't matter though because now I can take photos on my phone and upload them via the card reader so all is well.

Anyway here are the photos of the pinkeeps that I stitched and sent to Nancy Kuelbs for the Quaker 16? Exchange

It was actually meant to be one Pinkeep, front and back, but guess who counted wrong yet again so I had to make them into two. The only reason I have shown you an additional photo is because I wanted you to see the back that I put on as it was so pretty - at least I thought it was.

So until I show you what I have been stitching on - I have decided that I shall, from now on, put on photos of things that aren't just the finished pieces but my works in progress too.

So until I write again

Sunday, June 01, 2008

It isn't that I haven't wanted to write ...

.... it's that I can't find the camera lead to the computer, so I can't post any photos and dummy here never thought to post anything without photos.

Anyway ... what's been going on in my life? Well not a lot to be honest. I couldn't stitch for around a week and a half because I have had Labyrinthitis which is horrible to say the least. What is it I hear you ask! Well it's a virus that attacks your inner ear and makes you so dizzy and sick. I have been really lucky though because the bug that has been going round is acute Tonsillitis as accompanied by the Labyrinthitis which is very very unpleasant.

I have finished and mailed two pinkeeps (photos stuck in camera until I can find the lead), a biscornu - also mailed and photo also in camera, and I am currently stitching Where My Heart Blooms, which is Loose Feathers No. 29 over one on the recommended fabric because I thought, in my humble opinion, that it was much too large over 2 and as soon as I can find the darn lead I will show you photo of how far I have gotten.

But the biggest news I have yet to tell and that is I finally decided to stitch And They Sinned over one on R&R 30ct Irish Cream using the GAST threads that the chart calls for. To say I am excited it putting it so mildly. I just can't wait to start this, and am just waiting for this to arrive from across the pond. I am going to be stitching this two handed using a really great stand you can get here in the U.K. and it is called ...

The Necessaire and is made by a company called Needle Needs
here in the U.K. and every single stand is hand made and is spectacular to stitch with using ...

The Millennium Frame

which really is the BEST frame in the whole word and believe me I have tried zillions of them. If you look at the frame you can see there are side stretchers and top and bottom bars. Their beautifully crafted, robust hand-held frame requires no preparatory stitching. The fabric or canvas is attached with a simple but ingenious groove and rod. It's so easy, work can be mounted in just a few minutes.

The side-stretchers are cleverly designed wooden screws with chunky nuts, suitable for arthritic hands. Setting the tension is extremely easy and the drum-type tension holds perfectly.

It will, of course, take any length of project as the fabric can be rolled around the bars. Different sized bars are available for the different widths of project.

Ok so I did add pictures after all and I hope you enjoy this posting and until I can find that lead ....