Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry it's been so long

Sorry I haven't written in ages but all kinds of stuff has been happening - some really really good some really bad and right now my head just isn't in writing on here or stitching too for that matter.

Larry (dh) and I went on vacation on the 9th of September to Tenerife for two weeks which was lovely to start out with and got better when Sara phoned with the first piece of news and then got a lot worse when my sister-in-law Sue phoned me with the second piece of news.  

The first really good piece of news is that I am finally speaking to my sister again and I am so pleased it just isn't true! We have both been so stupid it just isn't true and life is much too short for petty arguments that's for sure. I missed her so very very much and thought about her every day but was too darn stubborn to do anything about it. The other really good thing was my elder daughter Sara got rid of her boyfriend, or rather my son James did.  She finished with him first and then James and his friend Ben went and kicked him out two days later. That delighted me because I disliked the boyfriend intensely,  and I really was worried for my grandchildren with him.  I wasn't the only one that disliked him - everyone did as well as everyone else in our family.

The really bad news is that my brother in LA is very ill and my head, right now, is all over the place and I am going to go and see him along with Sara (elder daughter) the last week in October..

Anyway I just wanted to make sure you all knew I was alive and to anyone else who is Jewish Shana Tova and a Happy & Healthy one and well over the Fast (to everyone else that means Happy New Year as the Jewish New Year started last night) and I had 16 for dinner plus 2 babies and it was really lovely to have all my family here for dinner and a huge thank you to my daughter-in-law Danielle for making the Chicken Soup, Chopped Liver and Egg Mayonnaise for all those people - you are a wonderful person and I love you to bits.