Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have been stitching ...

Ummmmmmm, you must be thinking that I never stitch anymore.  But I assure you that I do.  The only thing is that I won't let me stitch anything if I am not stitching on what I should be so I have to admit I tend not to stitch rather than stitch on what I should be stitching.  So I have decided that from now on I will do more than one thing at a time - an over one and an over two so that I can chose which one to stitch.  

This is something I finished ages ago and am about to mail to Deb who is Artistic Needle and an amazing finisher so she is going to finish it for me.  She did this ages ago for somebody else and I just had to have it.

The chart was designed by Ewe & Eye & Friends and Deb finished it like this (the other woman who stitched it used buttons instead of the round (well mine are oblong cause I goofed) light blue circles and it was love at first sight.  Mine is stitched on yellow fabric which is gorgeous and it's just my lousy photography that makes it look such a yucky color.

I promise to show you a photo when I get it back from Deb so you can see it is the same color fabric (well almost).

I have also been stitching the Folk Art Threadkeep by Hillside Samplings and as soon as I can, this week, I will take a photo of it to show you all.

In the meantime I hope everyone is stitching a lot and that you like the way my blog is now cause I love love love it.