Monday, December 29, 2008

so much to share and ...

I know I know I'm just like a bus ... you wait for ages for one and then they all come along at once. Anyway you will never believe this but I have some more finishes to share with you that have been given to their various recipients.

You know I was in an Ornament Exchange with The Samper Guild here in the U.K. and this is the Ornament I stitched for my friend Christine who was the person I was meant to stitch for and this is it hanging on Chris's great little ornament tree. I will show you another photo of her ornament tree later down this page.

Even though Chris stitched for somebody else she stitched this for me and I just love it to pieces. It is so gorgeous and so beautifully stitched and finished and Chris says she can't finish very well. Well I can tell you categorically that she can. It is simply magnificent and I am really grateful to her for making me this.

This is what I stitched and finished for my friend Sandra (who incidentally hasn't updated her blog for 5 months). Come on woman update it please because you do wonderful wonderful stitching and finishing and knitting and quilting and we wanna see it NOW!

And this is the other side of the ornament tree that Chis has solely for stitched and special ornaments that do not go on her big big tree. I have even more to share with you but this is enough for one day.

I wish everyone a very Happy & Healthy New Year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's the end of December 24, 2008

and better late than never. I want to wish all of you who are Jewish (like me) a very Happy Hanukkah on this the 4th night (or Chanukah - the British way of spelling this holiday) which, until now, I have never been happy celebrating because my father passed away on first night Hanukkah 47 years ago and I could never bring myself to celebrate in any way on this night but guess I will have to change for my grandchildren as my daughter now wants this.

And to all the rest of you who read my blog a very very Happy Christmas

which, when my children were young, was my very favorite holiday of the year and I have always spent far too much on Christmas presents for them and have gladly continued this tradition of spending far too much on my grandchildren. And one year I bought so much throughout the year that I found a whole load more I had purchased for the previous Christmas in my wardrobe the following July!

So until I next write which won't be long I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Lots of Love

Monday, December 22, 2008

PIF (Pay It Forward)

I signed up on Wendy Jo's blog for her PIF (paying if forward) so now I need to stitch for 3 people.

If you are unfamiliar on how the PIF are the rules:

1. If you want to sign up, just leave a comment here telling me you want to sign up.

2. I will send you something stitched/handmade within the year of 2009.

3. You will need to post a note similar to this on your blog and recruit three members to also send gifts to - thus, it is PIF (Pay It Forward).. if you sign up, you have to post on your blog and take sign ups.

Let the fun begin!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My New Year Resolutions

No photos today but there will be some tomorrow. I have some New Year Resolutions that I want to share with you all who are out there in Stitching Bloggerland - I know I'm at least a week early but I want to spend my time stitching and right now I'm taking a break to blog. So here goes:

Resolutions for 2009

1. To blog at least once week
2. To take photos of what I am doing even if it/they aren't finished and put them on the blog
3. To send my fabric to the nice lady who said she would Grid it for me so that I can finally start And They Sinned
4. To send stuff to Deb to finish for me which I have said I was going to send for the past 2 or 3 months - Deb it will be mailed right after Christmas
5. Not to stop stitching because I have lost interest in what I am stitching and won't stitch on anyting else until I have finished the one I was supposed to finish - hope this makes sense!
6. To take out a UFO each month and stitch at least something on it - I think I have 3 or 4 UFOs
7. To stick to any commitments I make and not waiver at all from them and be on time and never LATE!
8. To stop spending all day on the computer and stitch a lot more instead. According to my DH they are going to have to bury me with this thing (my Mac that is). Little does he know. I want to be cremated!
9. Make an anniversary giveaway
10. To Lose weight this year and not give up because one week even though I stick to it I don't lose.
11. To join a gym and get fitter.

As and when I think of more I'll add them.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Now I don't mean to sound .....

ungrateful or anything but I received my exchange from the Ornament Exchange organised by Linda who owns and runs The Sampler Guild and works jolly hard.

The picture underneath shows the exchange I received and although it was nicely wrapped there was nothing in it to tell me who stitched it for me so I could thank that person. The ornament itself was stitched really nicely and also finished beautifully and the only thing wrong with it was it was stitched on Aida and I know it really is my problem that I dislike Aida so much but nevertheless I shall treasure it for the work and effort you put into it whoever you are and I really do thank you.

So, if you are reading this and you sent it to me then Thank You very much for all the effort you put into making this for me. With love from one very ungrateful cow aka (that's also known as) ....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My life is like a soap opera

Truly it is and a bad one at that mostly. You wouldn't believe the things that have happened to me lately if it were a soap opera! You would say 'oh come on puleeeeze'. But it's all true and I know that mostly people only want to see stitching on here so I guess I'm not sharing the bad stuff only the good and the bad stuff is REALLY bad!

My brother is so beating the big C it just isn't true! The cancer in his neck has gone and the one on his kidney has shrunk beyond belief but he won't know about the ones in his stomach until he has a special test in February because unlike me his disease is anything but common! So until then he is chemo and it really sucks and he feels like crap but IT'S WORKING!!! YAYYYYY! I'm just so happy about this.

Then as most of you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mac with a vengeance. Anyway she who has a common disease that makes her look drunk etc. tripped over the power lead and the female part inside broke so I took it to the Apple store in Brent Cross (local shopping mall that I love - ok you got me I love all shopping malls) and the guy in there told me that if I had household insurance (which luckily enough for me I do have) he would call them and get them to fix it because it was going to be very expensive and well worth the £100.00 excess I would have to pay. So I called them - ok Larry called them, well the policy is in his name, and they collected it and the upshot of the story is --- wait for it ... I am getting a brand new all singing all dancing MacBook Pro because the one I had was the Powermac G4 and this is apparently like for like whilst my one was only 10" big this one is 15" and it's hard drive is 4 times bigger than mine was and I am really excited about it.

And that's about it really. I have been ill so haven't stitched in at least two weeks but will be putting new stuff on here soon.