Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As promised - picture heavy

Well I have been stitching and have received loads more so I have tons to show you.  First thing I want to share with you is this semi-gorgeous Pin Cushion (I am referring to mine and not Lynn's which was totally gorgeous).  Now Lynn had done this and I loved it so much and asked her eventually where she had gotten the pattern from after trawling the internet first.  She told me that the reason I couldn't find it was because she had designed it herself and asked for my address (snail mail) and then this came in the mail:

A total kit including everything I needed.  What a treasure she is.  Now if you look at Lynn's blog you will see how this really should have been made but mine came out like this:

What is next is a surprise present from Liz who is Primoriginals on Etsy and I love buying presents for other people from her.  Well this came just before Christmas and I thought to myself when the familiar envelope arrived 'I don't remember ordering anything from Liz' and I didn't!  Liz sent these cute magnets to me as a present from her to me so we shall have to see what next Christmas brings to Liz.

So next there is:

this gorgeous pincushion from my friend Carol B who will not have a blog.  Well she does have a full time job and two children and her husband is currently in the Middle East with the Navy so least said about that the better but she is, therefore, a single mum right now and I love her to pieces and she truly does not have time to write a blog so I forgive her.  It was her Christmas present to me.  I didn't make anything but bought a needlebook from Etsy and a little doll from Liz

This is the front of the Needlebook I got from Mayte in the Legacy XIX Quaker Exchange.  The Back is following and then the left side and then the right side.  Thank you so much Mayte it is really gorgeous and I really really LOVE it to pieces.

Finally for things I received and forgot to tell you about.  This was the exchange I received in the final Prairie Schooler Year Long Exchange last year:

Now on to things I made and gave as gifts.  Not a lot I have to say - I received more than I got I think.  But here we go:

I made this for Sandra's birthday which was in December but I didn't see her until last week so she really had to wait. 

I made this for my QQE XIX exchange partner, who shall remain nameless but I do not believe she reads my blog so I think I'm safe but really she should have received it by now.

The front of the little Pin Cushion I made for CarolR in exchange for the one I finished really badly that I had promised her. and below is the back of it.  I loved stitching this I have to say.

So until next time ...

Lots of Love

Patti xxx

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

P.S.  I'm sorry about the spacing but no matter what I do it comes out like this :-(

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Golly ...

I have just realized that is has been almost 3 weeks since my last post.  I've been busy here and there and my MS has been playing up something rotten - no excuse just a fact of life and no matter how much I try and ignore it sometimes it just will not let me.  You know most people think that it's the walking that is the big deal. I promise you whether I am walking or not has NOTHING to do with anything.  Heck I used to be a really slow walker and now I have this power wheelchair and I wear everybody else out because I can go faster than just about anyone - unless they are running of course.  It is the tiredness like nobody knows and I hope never ever finds out.  It wipes me out completely and yesterday I met with 3 other MS (Multiple Sclerosis) women and although this disease is very personal to each person we all said exactly the same thing.  So guess it isn't as personal as I thought.  It was a really good meeting - almost as good as stitching with friends, but not quite.

Anyway enough moaning.  I have been doing exchanges and more exchanges.  I promise to upload new photos tomorrow (it's quite late here now) but in the meantime I have decided to call a halt to my bi-monthly give-aways mainly because I can only remember who two of the PIF's were with.  One was with Wendy and the other with Carin and I promised to have 5 and this has been done now.  Don't worry though there will be more giveaways because I love doing them.  If I promised you that I would do PIFs in exchange for one from you please email me (address in my blog profile) and let me know and I will do more.

And in the meantime here are the ones that have been received.  Carol still has not received her PIF because it is sitting in front of me finished and waiting for him who must not be obeyed to take it to the Post Office before 12:00 tomorrow.

Here is what has been won in all their glory.  I have to tell  you that the 1st Mary Little (can't you just tell I love stitching Mary Little) is half the size of the second one and the second one is small.

So until next time ...

Lots of Love

Patti xxx

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years Resolutions and me

As far as New Years Resolutions go I have already broken (well sort of) one of mine insofar as I didn't start on either ATS or HOHRH as I figured if I did then maybe I wouldn't get my commitments done so I started on an exchange piece instead and will get the three of them out of the way first.

Sorry I can't show you anything brand spanking new because the people these are meant for may read my blog.  But I can show you some stuff and all photos are clickable to make them larger if you must!

This was my Prairie School Floss Tag and Pinkeep which I stitched and finished (too large if you wany my honest opnion) for Lynn and I also included a hand-made scissor fob for her as I was a tad late in sending her pincushion/threadkeeper.  I stitched is free PS design over one on 40ct Permin Antique White Linen with silks that I chose myself that I already had.


I am delighted to be able to tell you that this arrived at Daphnee's after all.  Gosh I was so worried that it would be lost in the mail like the previous one that I stitched for her.


Finally I don't know if you remember but I won (yes you heard me right I WON) Lisa's Giveaway and not only did she include the chart for this rather lovely design but the cherries and leaves as well.  I shall make at least well in time for next Christmas.  Thank you so very very much Lisa I was so excited to have won this I just can't tell you as quiltiing and sewing on my almost new (well I bought it in 2008 but didn't even take it out of the box until well into 2009) Sewing Machine.

I can't figure out the line spacing for Blogger right now as I am a fully trained typist and I know how to layout things and each time I do what I should more and more spaces appear where they shouldn't.  Even though this is not my doing I apologise for this as it annoys me profusely.

Well that's all for today but I do have some more photos on my camera and as soon as I can find the lead to connect it to my computer or anything else that will allow me to put more photos on here I shall do so.

Say Goodnite Gracie!  Good Nite Gracie.

So until next time ...

Lots of Love

Patti xxx

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt