Friday, May 28, 2010

This isn't a real post

Well not really because I am showing a photo I have shown before.  But there is a reason behind my posting and that is (you have to look at the photo first)

This was  a FREE chart from
The Workbasket

So if anybody would like a copy of it please just leave a comment on this post only and if you do not have an email address on your blog or you do not have a blog then make sure you leave me one so I can send it to you.  It really was a total pleasure to work on and I shall, not doubt, do it again soon for myself.

So until next time ... 

Lots of Love

Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Photo Stealer does it again ..

To answer your first question no I'm not better and it's boring so no more talk about it. This spacing thing is driving me nuttier that's for sure.  I just can't get it right.  Look!  I'm a trained secretary and I know that you press the enter key once at the end of a paragraph to ensure that the reader can tell that the next one is a new paragraph, and that's what I've been doing and this is what I've been getting.  LOADS OF SPACE - no no no not money SPACES!

The photo stealer (that's me) has been at it again.  I want to show you what I received but I haven't had the energy to take any photos so I have pinched (aka stolen) them from other people's blogs.

Firstly here is the wonderful exchange I got from Irene for the Quaker Quarterly Exchange 20 from the Legacy Board.  It is just so gorgeous and I love it to bits.  I wish she would have put a photo of the back of it on her blog so I could have 'borrowed' that too.  When I am up to it I will take more photos and put them up on here I promise.

and then there was the birthday present Irene also stitched for me which is unbelievable.  Both things Irene stitched have been stitched over one and were wonderfully wrapped in lilac voile with lilac ribbon.  The one she stitched for my birthday I honestly wasn't sure before I opened it, when I was looked at it through the voile, whether it was stitched or whether it was printed fabric.  Amazing doesn't even come into it.  She also included really old silks which are gorgeous and some tins as well and every tin had something else in it.  

Amazing doesn't even come into it.  Irene calls it Birds in a Tree so I'll stick with that too.  It has been stitched over one and then Irene has couched some silk ribbon around it and finally finished it with beads all around the pin cushion.  I am on very very lucky lady to have such a very talented friend.  Thank you so very very much Irene I really really loved everything you sent me.

Okay ladies and gents here is the exchange I received from Ela for the Blackbird Designs Exchange Number 4.  Now I am showing you one photo that Ela sent me and the collage I made (this is the first time I have ever tried to make a collage - so give me a break okay).  I really love the words on this and the stitching and finishing were great too.  Thank you so much Ela because you did one amazing job that's for sure.

This is a collage of all the photos Ela sent me
so for once I didn't 'borrow' them
and if you would like to enter into the
Blackbird Designs Exchange there is a new one starting soon
just follow the link above

Finally it was my friend Carol's (no blog sorry) birthday a couple of months ago - see I can be really late too but this time I can blame the unpronounceably named Volcano for this one because I sent it to Deb to be finished and back here in time and the things I sent for her to finish took weeks an weeks and weeks to get back here again. So here it is with Deb's collage and photos (with her permission - see I didn't borrow these either).

So until next time ... 

Lots of Love 
Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm ill ...

I was supposed to stay at the wonderful Jackie duPlessis weekend from Thursday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon but unfortunately I become ill on Friday evening and by Saturday morning felt just awful - coughing and spluttering all over the place so I came home and missed two whole days.  It wasn't a cold it was quite a bad chest infection (and so said the doctor my dh called) and I am on antibiotics (which I take so rarely it just isn't true because I am allergic to so many) and flu to boot!

I will report on the one day I did attend but rather than showing you nothing I thought I would share with you the Blackbird Design Exchange piece I sent to Barbara via Deb, of course, who did the finishing for this finishing challenged person.

So without further ado here it is and that's all from me for today but I will share loads more with you over the next few days.

Blackbird Design
"A Stitchers Companion"
Honeysuckle Manor

There were supposed to be two large rings hanging from the bottom of this and they would hold your threads for a piece you were stitching.  I do hope that Barbara enjoys using this as much as I enjoying stitching it.

So until next time ... 
Lots of Love 
Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Real Quickie

I'm still plodding away at this stitching for the upcoming classes and I will definitely NOT be d one with anything I don't think.  I can hope but hey it is just over a week away and this is not going to happen.

So, I just thought I would come on and show you what I stitched and Deb finished for my QQE XX (that's Quaker Quarterly Exchange 20) on The Legacy Board and if you love Quakers as much as I do please join us for our next exchange which will be in July/August time.  If you are not a member of The Legacy Board it is really easy to join and such a very lovely board.

An Old Free French Chart
Stitched on 36ct Zweigart Linen
Stitched by Moi
Finished by Deb

I will take photos of what I received for my birthday and post them next week.

So until next time ... 

Lots of Love Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

P.S.  If you would like a copy of the chart just leave a comment on here and make sure it includes your email address and I will get it to you - after the weekend of the 16th.