Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Secret Giveaway

No pictures but because my followers have now reached 200 and this has excited me so much I just can't tell you.  So, I have decided to have a secret giveaway.  Why have I called it 'A Secret Giveaway'?  Because right now it's a secret, even from me, because I haven't decided what it will be yet but it will be lovely.  Not something I have stitched and finished badly but something for one of you to stitch.

All you have to do to be entered into this giveaway is tell me on my comments what you would wish for the most if you could have anything stitching related be it a chart or a kit or whatever.  Just what your dream prize would be.  My dream prize would be a really really good lamp with like 10 times magnification so I could stitch on 55count linen.  I have a piece of this wonderful linen but can't see it well enough to stitch on it.  So that would be my dream win and I want to know what yours would be.  

If you want to be entered twice please just put on your blog this photo with the date the giveaway ends and ...

... that what is photographed above is NOT the giveaway.  The giveaway is a secret even from me!

This giveaway is open until July 14, 2010.

So until next time ... 

Lots of Love Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

P.S.  Nobody has to have a blog or become a follower of my blog to enter.  If you do not have a blog then just look on the 15th to see if you have won and email me please with your name and address so you can get your surprise and no I still don't know what they are.  I am really bad at making up my mind.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Exchange, A Birthday Present and the Jackie duPlessis Friday Class

I know it's been a while which is unusual for me but I have been really unwell.  Much better now and wanting to share.

I had a private exchange with Brigitte and this is what she sent me.  How I kept my hands off of those chocolates is just amazing.  But I managed it until last night.  The stitching and finishing on the little sweetie bag is just amazing.  And I love the fabrics she sent me because white and light brown are my favorite colors to stitch on.  Yes I know I'm boring but there you go.

How I kept my hands off of the Toffifee is anybody's guess
I love love love the fabrics - although one looks pink it actually is white
The Milka chocolate is still intact but probably not for much longer
The Chart is really lovely too

This is a closeup of the gorgeous bag and fabrics which I really love.
Thank you so much Brigitte I am really grateful and love it all

Now this is what I sent Brigitte.  A Quaker pinkeep and a couple of pieces of Silkweaver Fabric which is really lovely to stitch on.  As well as a pair of scissors and a tape measure which can be kept in the pinkeep and finally a Clover cutter.

This shows the fabric and the back of the pinkeep 
showing the scissors and tape measure in it

This is the front of the Pinkeep I sent to Brigitte
and hope she likes it as much as I love what she sent me.

Now for the Birthday present that Pokua sent to me.  Thank you so much Pokua as usual I love it all and am so late in sending Pokua her birthday present it just isn't true.  But I shall finish stitching it this weekend and send it to Deb to be finished and get it to you as soon as possible and I promise it will be something special as I am so late.

Finally here are some pictures from the Jackie duPlessis Class that I attended on the Friday.  I have never been so sorry to miss anything in my life before but I really was ill and had to go home on the Saturday morning missing both the Saturday class and the Sunday class.  I didn't take very many photos because I expected to be there Saturday and Sunday and would be able to take loads more photos.

Both photos show everybody hard at work finishing their pre-stitching into something fabulous.  When I have finished mine I will be putting it on here so don't worry.  You shall see it all.

Finally I just had to share this basket and one of the things that was made for the basket.  Some 6 or 7 years ago I attended a C.A. Wells Class and saw this basket for the first time and it was love at first sight.  A group of ladies who live in and around Deal in Kent (about 9 miles from Dover - thanks Carol) meet regularly and they all made this as a SAL.  Lynn designed the Basket and loads of lovelies to go in it.  They are known as the Stitch and Bitch Group and I wish I lived close enough to join them but I don't.  It is just so incredible that I had to take photos.  

This is Caroline (and thanks CarolR again for this information) and she is part of the Group.  She is one of the ladies that did this basket and this is a pinkeep that she made for it.

So until next time ... 
Lots of Love Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt