Monday, November 22, 2010

Photos of Israel and some exchanges sent and received

I am going to start with the exchanges sent and received because I am not sure you will want to see them afterwards.  All the images are clickable and you can make them bigger.

This is the exchange I received from Michele W for
Michele stitched it and Karen finished it and I REALLY love it.

Just because I admired Olga's 
Shoe Pincushion she sent me one of those and also one of her
Little Mice (so cute and fun)

This was my exchange for 
Blackbird Designs Exchange 5
It was sent to Laura and I really hope she liked it

This was my exchange to Roberta
for a Thread Keeper and unfortunately the
first one was lost in the mail so this was the
re-done one.

I returned from Israel weeks ago and still haven't shared any photos with you.  Well I didn't take that many because for some reason, I know now why, the camera decided to take photos in very high definition and I could only get like 25 on my 1gb card.  Anyway we stayed with my oldest friend from England, Dizzy and her husband Tony who made us very welcome indeed.  We rented a car but because of the heat didn't go to that many places.

This photo and the one underneath are view
from Dizzy & Tony's balcony-  Just stunning.  
Shame it was so hot all the time because my
MS certainly didn't like the heat.


 The first one is of Dizzy - she is half of the couple we stayed with. She is standing next to Keith who is married to Avril.  We have known Keith for a very long time - he used to live next door to Dizzy when she lived in Woodside Park in Finchley. 

Avril  who is married to Keith is the in the next photo holding the camera
and she made a lovely Bar-B-Q for us on the Monday night.

the last one is of Dizzy and Avril.  Unfortunately the only photo I got of Tony (Dizzy's husband) was of him sleeping and I decided it wasn't a good idea to put it on here.  Avril and Keith live about a half hour away from Dizzy & Tony and made dinner for us on the first Monday we were there and it was very lovely and they also took us to Yad Vashem, but more about that later.

On the Monday during the day we went to Malka who is Dizzy & Tony's elder daughter.  She lives in a place called Bet Shemesh which is about an hour and a half away from Dizzy & Tony.  Malka and Gil (her husband) have 5 really lovely children, 4 boys and one girl.  Ages range from 10 to 5months. 

On the Tuesday during the day we went to Utopia Orchid Park which is actually a Kibbutz which makes it's money from the sale of plants and the orchids in the Park and various other regions outside of the park itself but still within the complex.

As you walk in (or in my case w/chair it in) this is what 
greets you and it is truly stunning

Some of the smaller orchids

This tree had some kind of fruit growing from it
that looked like bananas

This was the most unusual tree I have ever seen in my whole life.  It was shaped as a triangle and made up of a three sided triangle and was gorgeous.

This was a photo of Jerusalem taken from
Yad Vashem

 As you go into Yad Vashem you are greeted with
movies of Poland and Germany taken between 1938 and 1942
and it was extremely moving 

I took this also inside Yad Vashem - you weren't supposed to
but I did and these were all I took because you aren't supposed to
and if you click on the link you will be taken there
and see what I saw.  It was extremely moving to say the least.  
because you will be able to see for yourself

Dizzy & Tony live in the old part of 
Netanya and these figures were in the center
of Netanya but it was terribly hot 
whilst we were there even though it wasn't supposed to be.  
But we went here on Sunday before we left on Monday.

So until next time ...
Lots of Love Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, November 19, 2010

Short and Sweet (hopefully)

I will post again soon and not leave it so long but I just had to share with you what my granddaughter has been saying of late.

I had both of our grandchildren (well two out of the three)  this week because Sara (their mother and our elder daughter) was ill and Lily (7) said to me: "Grandma do you know that everybody has a special talent?"  And I replied yes I did know and what was my special talent?  I expected her to say that mine was sewing or reading or being a grandma but she replied "Grandma your special talent is loving!"  Boy did my heart well up.  I just thought it was the sweetest thing to say.

Last week she whispered to me - 'You know Grandma you don't look old at all but don't tell Grandpa because he does"!

Out of the mouths of babes!

So until next time ... 
 Lots of Love Patti xxx
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission - Eleanor Roosevelt
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way