Monday, September 10, 2012

No More Exchanges For Me (picture heavy)

When I just looked at all the lovely things I have exchanged over the years it makes me really sad to think I've put in such effort in stitching and finishing something only to give it away.  So my decision today is no more exchanges.  I have turned over the Blackbird Designs Exchange to Lisa and it wasn't for any other reason than I just don't have time to do it anymore and to be honest I just didn't want to run it anymore. 

I have received many lovely things from these exchanges but I got to keep practically nothing I'd made and that's a shame because when I'm no longer on this earth what will my children do with all of them?  Nothing I should imagine, because although I've enjoyed some of them I didn't make them but these I made over the past 7 years or more.

These are some of my favorites that I have given as exchanges or birthday presents (they are all clickable to be made larger):

From my very first Ornament exchange in 2005
when I was frightened it wouldn't be good enough

I made this for an exchange 
Another Exchange

This was a Sweet Bag
Because I so love saying this!
I should have made one saying Bollocks cause that is my favorite word
(if you don't know what it means I'll tell you)
My first Biscournu
for an Exchange
A Quaker I made for an exchange

A Seaside Exchange
A Birthday present

I had this made for me
and then gave it in an Exchange
Again I made this for me
because I really loved it and
then gave it away in an exchange
So the next time I post on here something I've made it will be for me or one of mine.  It won't be an exchange but it might be a present for somebody else but 


So until next time ... 
Lots of Love Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way possible


lynda said...

I know how you feel...but your exchange pieces were all lovely and I'm sure the recipients enjoyed them very much!Hope to see lots of pics of your stitching soon!

Tracey said...

I agree with Lynda but understand your feelings as well. :) And I say Bollocks alot also. lol Not even British nor do I live there. The other day my son asked me what it meant- guess I need to watch it. hee hee.

Anna - Viola said...

У вас очень красивые работы и прекрасный блог!

Jeanne said...

Don't blame you Patti..I gave up exchanging years ago when SBEBB sort of died out. Sometimes I miss it when I see everyone's cute posts...but I don't miss the obligation too much. Seems like I was always rushing to get something done for soemeone else and then I had a few not-so-good experiences and my last one (which I made something really lovely for) I never even got a thank you. I prefer exchanging when I sort of know the person rather than getting a random name...just my two cents' worth.

Joy said...

You know I've always wanted to do an exchange but I've always been afraid that because of the girls and working and stuff that would prevent me from getting stuff done. And lack of funds too. So don't feel bad. Your pieces are so great, they must have taken a lot of work.

Mayté-MagicXstitch said...

I completely understand your feelings. Sometimes I feel the same way. I have 2 beautiful pieces made for you in my treasure box, I will always keep them close to my heart. (They are not in the pictures).

Leading an exchange is a lot of work and stress, only the ones who have done that knows it.

I wish you come back to cross stitched... I miss your posts .

Love you :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats ~ Found your blog on Google while searching for a related topic, your site came up, it looks good, keep them coming !

Julie M said...

Patti, I've never done exchanges for that reason. I guess at heart I am just too selfish. I won't stitch something I don't like and if I like it why would I then turn around and exchange it for something that while it might be beautiful and well done is not to my taste. So I completely understand your no more exchanges stance.

Anonymous said...

Hi, was just going through the google looking for good info and stumbled across your website. I am stunned at the design that you've on this site. It shows how you appreciate this subject.

Susan said...

I know what you mean. I stopped participating in most exchanges a couple of years back - I don't need the stress of the "stitching obligation".